Why is Lavender Oil Wonderful?

Lavender essential oil is extracted from the flowers of the lavender plant (Lavandula angustifolia), primarily through steam distillation. You can make your own but if you’re not the DIY type I recommend making sure you purchase pure, organic essential like those sold by Edens Garden, where I get all of my oils.

Why is lavender oil so popular? Because it has a million-and-one uses (this might be an exaggeration) and smells heavenly. Here is a brief list of what makes lavender oil wonderful and links to resources for more information (these links include the resources used for the information provided here).

Enjoy and take care of yourself!

Lavender Essential Oil:

Promotes wound healing Neuroprotective effect Helps relieve stress & anxiety Promotes sleep Helps relieve acne Helps relieve pain Improves blood circulation Bug repellant Antibacterial Helps relieve headaches




VeryWellMind.com (This one has info on side effects & dosage)


And I’m going to try one of these DIY Hair Masks and add some lavender essential oil for added benefits.

Also, I’m not a doctor.

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